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Onecart enables you to earn money by simply by sharing catalogues and selling products on social media platforms without investing any capital upfront.

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What is Onecart ?

If you are looking for alternatives to make some extra money by selling products online without any investment. Then Onecart enables you to get access to some unique products which you can sell to your customers online using social media. We stay in the background and help you get started. 

Here's what we do.

Digital Storefront

Create your own digital storefront in less than 30 seconds, Take complete control over your inventory to sell.

Sourced from Manufacturer

Buy Quality products sourced from United kingdom and India to sell directly to your customers.

Shipping on us

Get your product delivered by us, No more packaging hassles.

No need to hold inventory

Earn money directly by selling products to your customers, No need to store inventory. We ship it when your buyer is ready to buy.

No label policy

We don't mention Onecart on the package. We remain secret to your customer forever.

Unique Products

Sell products which are Unique, Handmade and crafted.

Sell (almost) anything you can think of...

African Accessories


Ethnic Indian outfits

Moroccan Boutique Wear

Handcrafted goods

... and much more!

Be part of the digital Revolution, Buy and sell make extra margins.

This is how we work

Pick the products which you think might sell more in your neighbourhood

 Add your margins and sell to your customers directly, making easy profits, No need to store any products. Sell through catalogues.


Create your own digital storefront

Start with your digital storefront if you already have the products with you, We shall help you with delivery, Payment collection and digital marketing of the product.

Start your online business at Home

You don't need any inventory to hold the products before selling online, All you need is an internet connection and a catalog of pictures from us.


Share your products on whatsapp, facebook Instagram and Tik-Tok

Leverage upon social media to upsell products, Share videos and photos easily with your customers.

We take care of your deliveries and Payments

We do the delivery for you, collect payments and reimburse your margins back to your account without any mention of us.


“I sell accessories on ebay and Tik-Tok onecart team approached me with some new designs and new products I Posted them Instagram after getting some good comments. I decided to sell them sourced through onecart. I am convinced, They are impressive".

Jenny Kodikal

Sheffield Hallam University
Testimonial Image

" I sell Indian and Pakistani kurtis, Sari. My clients asked for a Polka dotted kurtis which I did not have. My husband referred me to them and They shared some pretty impressive catalogue pictures, She liked it but I was hesitant since I did not know them and had some doubts regarding quality of the product. But once they shipped the product to my client, she was happy".

Shermin Zahn

School Teacher - Upper Batley school
Testimonial Image

“ Pakistani Salwar Kameez, Kurtis are in high demand during Eid and I was out of suppliers as the demand was high. My Suppliers were out of stock, I tried Onecart after seeing catalogues on whatsapp . All of it got sold within 2 days. My Client was very happy with the fitting and quality.I often use Onecart to source the products and sell it to my customers".

Rizla Malipa

House wife

Trusted by happy Onesellers

Meet the Team

Pratik Shetty

Pratik has spent 5+ years building digital tech products in Dubai and India. He previously co-founded a startup called goodsdeck - Uber for trucks. Which was exited in 2019 to Loadme Dubai. After this, he joined as the founding team member at Fero.ai  in Dubai. An artificial intelligence logistics startup specializing in (LPA) Logistics Process Automation eliminating routine and error-prone tasks, where his primary focus was product development, product strategy, and building of (TIA) transport interactive assistance for order placement, track and trace freight modes. Fero.ai won the Artificial intelligence award in 2019 at Transport and logistics middle east (TLME) in Dubai.

Luqman Deshmukh

Luqman has previously spent 10+ years in the logistics domain. He was working as an Industrial project specialist at Geodis Dubai. An MNC specializing in all modes of transportation. His key area of expertise is managing large-scale projects and E-commerce operations. He specializes in last-mile logistics, Pricing for bulky goods, and E-commerce warehousing. Prior to this, he managed the Logistics operations at Peninsula Shipping where he was handling Cargo shipping, warehousing, and last-mile distribution. 

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